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Use one of these prebuilt themes to speed up the creation process of your own theme.

How it works

Let us guess. You want a great theme. Compatible with 3rd party modules. Updated regularly with the newest Prestashop fixes.
We have the solution.


Use one of the editors we offer and design your theme that fits your needs.

Do it your way

Would you like a theme with a bit lighter background? It's just a few clicks away.

Huge amount of settings

In the past months, we have added over 800 various settings that you can apply to your theme. They are not all necessary to set.

No need for coding

No need to know any coding, everything happens in the background.

Compatibility with 3rd party modules

Because all our themes are based on the default Prestashop theme, and we didn't add/edit/remove any hooks, your template will work with any 3rd party modules.

No other setups

PrestaBuilder themes don't include any "framework" which you would have to learn how to use. Your template will work even if you uninstall all included modules.

PrestaBuilder modules

We give you 9 free modules, and there are another 12 premium modules that can be purchased to enhance your e-shop.


The installation is just a few clicks. Upload your theme, activate it. Done.

Focus on your business

We know you are busy with your business. We take care of everything connected with your theme and its modules.

It just works!

The theme is yours and doesn't depend on any module or external server.

Re-download to get all updates

We update the editor every time a new Prestashop version comes out. To get all fixes, simply re-download your themes and install it again. That's all.

We are here to help

We are ready to help you out with any problem you encounter.

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We helped our customers to create more than 35,000+ Prestashop themes.
This is what some of them think:

Deborah Dombrowski

It has been a life saver. It has allowed us to quickly and easily create a professional-looking, attractive, and customer-friendly store.

Anthony Camponelli

I had tried several sites that claimed they were a simple easy to use theme makers which turned completely not true and in the end, I ended wasting a lot of time and money until I found your site for PrestaBuilder

Christina Savvani

As long as I work with PS, I won't stop using it. The support is more than great, fast and to the point, and the price plans really flexible and affordable. I'm grateful we have it!

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