A unique module developed especially for Theme Maker users. Upload 2 or 3 themes from Theme Maker into your e-shop. Then run a campaign where each of your visitors is randomly assigned one of the themes. Later, you can check the statistics and see which theme performed the best, meaning which theme had the most sales, registrations, and pageviews from visitors. Increase your sales by choosing the best-performing theme from your campaign or continue your testing with different themes.


- Initiate a campaign with 2 or 3 themes
- Each user will be assigned one of the themes
- Check statistics and see which theme brought in the most sales
- Start using the best-performing theme!

Main advantage for your customers

After running the test campaign, you can switch to the best-performing theme, and your users will benefit from a template that encourages them to stay and shop in your store.


- Prestashop 1.7.x
- This module works ONLY with themes created by Presta Theme Maker

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