Prestashop 1.7 comes with a native menu module called "Main Menu."

In case you are not sure what this module does, it displays the menu and its categories in the header of your eshop. Furthermore, it's a native module developed by Prestashop.

You can set up what categories, CMS pages, suppliers and brands you wish to display there, but you can even add there an item, that will lead your visitors to a custom URL address.

How to set up a custom link in the Main Menu module?

At first, you need to open the list all you installed modules and then search for "Main Menu." Once you find it, click on the "configure" button.

Then scroll down a bit you will see a form where you can add any custom link. If you are using multiple languages on your website, you can choose a different URL address for each language.

And this is the result you are aiming for:

Andrej Staš

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