The problem is very simple. You need to display the full product names in the product box, but your theme keeps cutting them somewhere in the middle. What to do?

Well, the solution is not difficult, but you need to do this change manually in your theme and edit one TPL file.

What .TPL file should you edit?

Open this file:


Find this code:

and increase the value 30 to 60 (or any other value you need).

Simple as that!

Don't forget to clear the Prestashop cache after this change.

Enjoy! :)


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JUan · 1 year ago

Been looking for this solution for a while. thank a lot. !

Urs · 10 months ago

When I change the product.tpl file and I upgrade anytime, then I lost it, right?
How can I solve it without loosing my change?


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