Sometimes we get this kind of messages from our customers

PrestaBuilder is not free of charge because...

...your registrations and purchases keep this project running.

We have invested thousands of hours into this project, and while we love what we do, we still need to pay the bills.

Sometimes it feels that our visitors expect our service to be free because Prestashop installation itself is free.

Please keep in mind that Prestashop makes money by selling modules and themes in their Prestashop Addons Market created by themselves, other developers, or web-hosting e-shops.

Our case is different, and this is our main product that we offer.

What we have done so far

- PrestaBuilder has been running for 5 years (Previously as Presta Theme Maker and Prestashop Theme Maker).
- Our users created over 33,000 themes.
- We serve almost 4,000 customers all over the world.
- We offer themes for Prestashop 1.7, 1.6, and 1.5.
- We offer 18 modules.
- 9 modules are free for the PrestaBuilder users.
- We were the first to come up with PayPal module for Prestashop 1.7.
- Soon we will release the most requested modules for PS 1.7: Wishlist, Product Comparison, and Customer comments on products.

Reasons to choose PrestaBuilder

- Create exactly the themes that you want! The editor for Prestashop 1.7 offers more than 700 different settings, and it’s up to you how many of them you customize.
- Once you have downloaded a theme, it is available for you to download again anytime – even after your account has expired. That means you can come back to this site 1 year later and re-download your theme for the latest version of Prestashop, for free of charge. You can always be sure that you have all the latest fixes made by the Prestashop team and by us.
- We also give full life-time support for all our modules.
- We have created a smart module "PTM Control Center" for Prestashop 1.7 that will help you to keep your themes and modules updated. It will even allow you to update your theme instead of installing a new one.
- Starting at 29 EUR, you can download 15 themes, and you get 7 free modules as well.
- We take care of our users. Have a look at our changelog and you will see we listen to their requests.

Our goal

Our goal is offer all the modules and themes that you need to launch your own e-shop. We do our best to provide you with the best quality products at highly competitive prices.

I hope you understand why there is a fee associated with this project. If you like it, please purchase an account and support us. We are very grateful for all your support.

Thank you! :)