If you have download a template from Presta-theme-maker there's a very simple Youtube video showing the whole installation process in 3 minutes.

In case you don't feel like watching it here's a short description how to do it.

Installation process

  1. Do not unzip your downloaded ZIP containing your theme
  2. Go to your back office > modules and find this module: "Import/export a theme"
    If you don't see this one - start typing "Theme installator" in the module search and install it
  3. Click Configure on this module
  4. Upload your ZIP install-theme-prestashop
  5. Click on Next
  6. There's no need to disable any native module. Also you can choose if you'd like to keep your current configuration or you want to use theme's configuration - it's exactly the same as in the default template.
  7. We're getting close - now click on Finish
  8. Congratulation, your theme is installed successfully!

Now you can see the list of your available templates in backoffice > themes.

Mobile theme

If you'd like to use your new design also for mobile phones and tablets you have to disable the default "mobile theme". After this change you will see your template on all devices.



If you decide to not disable this option your store will be displayed like this:


Regenerate the thumbnails

This step is overlooked very often. After the installation you have to regenerate your thumbnails home_default to a new size - 245x245px. To make it even clearer here is an article how to do it. However - this step is mandatory only for designs generated by the Maker.


Possible problems during installation

The installation was successful, but I don't see the template

Check the CHMOD settings of the "your_prestashop/themes folder" - try to set it to 777.

The ZIP is invalid

Try to unzip the ZIP, open it and zip config.xml, modules, themes folders again.

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Eric Pierce · 5 years ago

Do you support ver How do I upgrade my theme?

    Presta Theme Maker · 5 years ago will be supported on this Sunday, then you just re-download your theme (if you’re a current member)

Felipe Rolim · 4 years ago

Como faço para configurar o CHMOD para 777?
How do I set the CHMOD to 777 ?

Carlos Llatser · 4 years ago

Good afternoon, I created a template with your website. My Prestashop is in Spanish, some parts are in English and some in Spanish. I need this whole page in Spanish. In the default theme, is completely in Spanish. That may be happening.

Thank you.

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