Insert your desired HTML code (with CSS) or JS code into (almost) any hook on your website. And not just once, but you can have your code snippets in multiple hooks at the same time! Display them only for signed in members? Or only on the homepage? No problem.


- insert your own HTML + JS + CSS code in various hooks of your eshop
- insert your codes into multiple hooks at the same time, no need to install duplicates of this module
- you can even insert multiple custom blocks into one hook, but they must be grouped together
- display your custom blocks for all visitors, or only for users signed in, or users not signed in
- define on what pages to display your custom blocks, for example only on the homepage, product page, or CMS page
- insert a custom text even on the PDF of invoices
- deactivate any custom block (or delete it)
- multi-language support, each language version of your eshop can display custom block differently (or include different JS code)

Main advantage for your customers

They can easily read information which you need to share with them.


- Prestashop 1.7.x
- This module also works with themes not created by Presta Theme Maker

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