March update! We have been working hard to improve the user experience of Theme Maker and bring you new features which you can immediately apply to your eshops!

All you have to do is redownload your theme. And what's new?

- new feature – a wider layout
- new feature – a list of favorite themes
- new feature – hide images of subcategories
- new feature – hide description text of products in category views
- new feature – upload your logo directly into the Maker to preview it
- improvements – Google Snippets connected also with product ratings
- maximum length of the theme name set to 7 letters (scenes in category views don’t work with longer names)
- maximum logo height
- fixed – Top sellers – products don’t overlap anymore
- fixed – fixed corners of columns if the rounded blocks are used


Yassine is a senior PHP developer and enjoys writing flexible, well-thought-out, and reusable code. He is a Prestashop expert and consultant and has experience working on other platforms, such as Laravel, WordPress, and Symfony. In his spare time, you can find him reading about programming, hanging out with friends or visiting family.


Garry Park · 5 years ago

Unable to copy/ paste hex values in this update.

    Andrej · 5 years ago

    Ouch, this will be fixed today


Jean DUCROS · 5 years ago

It is impossible to insert an image in Internet explorer.
The download is a failure.
Is a solution possible?
Thank you

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