These days I reached 200 hours of work on the new Theme Maker which will be available as soon as Prestashop 1.7 will be released.

It's been already almost 4 years since I started working on Theme Maker and I'm happy I could help more than 3500 customers in building their eshop and run their businesses.

A few months ago I sent a question to my newsletter subscribers asking what they wish to improve on Theme Maker. The most frequent answer was to have more options when setting up the design of the homepage.

So that is my primary focus now, and I believe the new editor will be much better. You will be able to set the positions of the modules directly in the editor, edit many elements just by clicking on them.
There will be predefined sets of colors, and I'm also preparing the system to offer multiple themes to choose from, not only the default one.

My second goal, and also a crucial one, is to keep the installation process as simple as possible. To keep Theme Maker "foolproof" which means even an entirely inexperienced user will not be able to the theme in a way that would look terrible or that would not work after the installation.

The third goal is to keep Theme Maker open to any 3rd party modules. You will be able to install any other modules, and everything will be working correctly.

I'm very grateful for any feedback, and I'm looking forward to launching the new version for you! :)

Should you upgrade to Prestashop 1.7? If you want to know more about the changes in Prestashop 1.7, please read my article.

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Andrej Staš

Andrej is a Prestashop enthusiast. He started by developing his own themes and then formed the idea of creating Theme Maker. He enjoys finding ways to make his life simpler, and that is the philosophy he incorporates into all his projects. Andrej is also interested in WordPress, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, studying languages, and reading books.

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