You have just set up your eshop, uploaded your PNG logo and... hey! Why does it have a white background? The reason is the logo has been converted to JPG. And JPG images don't support transparency. How sad.

The solution is very easy.

Go to your back office > preferences > images and check the "image quality" as seen below.

After this, just reupload your logo again and it's done!

Optimal JPEG quality

Another question could - what is the suitable JPEG quality value which is listed below?

The quality should be around 70-75 - The image at low quality (less then 20) and displays very poor color. This would be useful if the image were displayed in a significantly scaled down size - but this isn't this case.

You may find more information about JPEG quality on wikipedia.

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Andrej Staš

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henry · 1 decade ago

how to remove the logo “my eshop” in thememaker?
thememaker exist in french?



    Andrej · 1 decade ago

    Hello Henry,

    don’t worry about the logo. You can upload your own once you have installed your Prestashop.

Phil · 1 decade ago

Tried what you said above but it still wont accept a png, the only way I could get it to work is to change the .png to .jpg.

    Andrej · 1 decade ago

    Honestly, I’m not sure what the problem is.

    The logo of your eshop isn’t connected with the Maker in any way. Just install your eshop and upload your logo – that’s all

Loic · 1 decade ago

Great, thanks.. This solved my problem. Started with this long winded version (that worked) but this version solves it without changing anything in the tpl files.

Torben Rune · 1 decade ago

I did just this to get the transparent logo, and it works. BUT! I don’t know if this “side effect” is in any way connected to this: After regeneration of larger product images on the home page, the “new” product ribbon (red ribbon in right hand corner) has disappeared on all pics.
I still use the setting “use png and jpg”. Can I put i bag to “only jpg”, and will that affect the logo if I regenerate all pics?

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