Just after 2 weeks there's another release of Theme Maker. Original date of this update was planned on May 5th, but because of new Prestashop version the progress was accelerated.

I'd like to note that the project direction is highly influenced by suggestions of the users. If you have any idea - feel free to use the contact form.

Support for Prestashop

Here's the full list of improvements made by Prestashop team. All these changes are now mirrored in the generated themes.

New layout option

From now on you can set the top/bottom margin and create a new feeling of your eshop.

Plastic look - gradient menu and column block headers

That's not all - gradient can be set also for menu and column headers. If you like plastic look this is something you will love.


- improvement - an error message is displayed if the uploaded background image is too large
- restored the original Facebook icon in the product's detail page
- improved translations

Bug fixes in themes

- fixed CSS bug in cross-selling module
- the image of "Hotline girl" in "Contact module" is back
- fixed a bug with a wide layout - some types of pages didn't use 100% of the width, now they do

The best part - all you need is to re-download

If you're already a member and you have created your theme - just login to your account and redownload it again - with all new settings, fixes and for Prestashop It has never been easier to maintanain the look of your eshop.

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Andrej Staš

Andrej is a Prestashop enthusiast. He started by developing his own themes and then formed the idea of creating Theme Maker. He enjoys finding ways to make his life simpler, and that is the philosophy he incorporates into all his projects. Andrej is also interested in WordPress, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, studying languages, and reading books.


Wade Peterson · 1 decade ago

Andrej – Another great release! Thank you for making this product available. Here’s a few suggestions for you:
– It’s hard to pick colors for everything, so having a “palette” of colors, perhaps saved with the theme, could make things easier. I usually only select a handful of colors for a theme, but going through each element and then trying to either remember the RBG numbers or making them look similar to the other colors in other elements I’ve just chosen is quite a pain. Perhaps “Save as Palette” or “My Colors” or something along those lines.
– Also, the ability to print out, or get a copy of the colors used in the theme is helpful, ie., all the RGB or hex codes of the colors contained in my theme, perhaps as an additional .TXT file included with the theme, or a PDF print report?
– I’d like to search for other themes that may have a similar “starting color”, for example, I’m thinking of a theme, and overall it’s a yellow sort of theme. I’m sure there is someone else that’s already created a brilliant yellow based theme, that I might be able to use as a starting point? I see a few in the gallery, but I’m assuming there are hundred of others. If not the entire theme itself, perhaps just those palettes of colors I mentioned before. Kind of like going to the paint store and looking at interior design books with color swatches already picked out that go together well. i.e., not all of us have wonderful color senses… ;-)

    Andrej · 1 decade ago

    Very accurate observations, thank you! I will certainly consider all three ideas and probably start with the “palette” colors.

infoser sistemas sa · 1 decade ago


The program you have created is fantastic, but I’ll give you some suggestions that I think are important.
It would be helpful if the menu and the page header occupy the full width of the page, as it would give a very good appearance to the templates.
It would also be a good idea that you could customize the menu height and shape of the buttons.
Best regards


Winston John · 1 decade ago

Dear Andrej,

I am going in round and round…….

Do you have a 2 column layout with new products transplanted into the home page (underneath featured products)? Especially when it’s a 2 column layout (left column and main page), there is no way to showcase new products in the home page. If you could add a template with “New Products” transplanted into the home page…. It would be nicer and smarter.

In my case, I was able to transplant the New Product into home page…. But it’s showing only in list format (Featured products are in Grid format)

Any advice…. Or any plan to include a template?


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