This module will display a "scroll to top" icon on every page of your eshop and make it easier and faster for your customers to navigate on your website.

Front-end screenshots

Back-end screenshots


- Set the size of the "scroll to top" icon
- Set the position on the screen (left or right bottom corner)
- Set the shape of the icon - round, semi-round, circle
- Set the style of the arrow
- Set the shadow
- Set the space from bottom and from the side
- Choose if you want to display the "scroll to top" icon on desktops, tablets and phones
- Fully customize the color of arrow, the background of the arrow and the border. Also on hover.

Main advantage for your customers

Your customers will be able to get to the top of any page easily and navigate on your eshop faster.


- Prestashop 1.7.x
- This module will also work with themes not created by PrestaBuilder


v.1.0.0 - 30/8/2018
- initial release

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