As usual, just a few days after the oficial release, Theme Maker supports then newest versions of Prestashop:

Prestashop - a new update after a long time

Both versions which greatly improves security of your eshop.

If you are already a member, it's very easy to upgrade your theme on your eshop. Simply log in, redownload your theme and install it. That's it, it's really simple!

Unfortunately it's not possible to upgrade themes from 1.5.x to 1.6.x, only within the same major version (1.6.x to a new version of 1.6.x, or 1.5.x to a new version of 1.5.x)

What would you like to see in a next update? Let me know! :)


Andrej Staš

Andrej is a Prestashop enthusiast. He started by developing his own themes and then formed the idea of creating Theme Maker. He enjoys finding ways to make his life simpler, and that is the philosophy he incorporates into all his projects. Andrej is also interested in WordPress, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, studying languages, and reading books.

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Brigitte Smits · 7 years ago

Dear Andrej,

I’m Brigitte from the Netherlands. I had a website in Prestashop, but unfortunately was dumb enough to A: to get a webshop with prestashop.
And B: tried to optimize my website and downloaded and installed a free theme. ( from another website ). I lost the default bootstrap and i’m stuck with a theme from someone that doesn’t work for me. I came along your site and decided to make my own theme, as you stated on your site. Been busy with about all day ( so not in a matter of minutes ), paid the 27 bucks, and guess what…? I cannot download the ZIP file from your site. The only thing i downloaded ( for about 5 times ) is 1.4 mb of stuff I cannot use. Can’t import it to my prestashop. How can I get my money back? my site is:
And i’m trying to sell salsa danceshoes..

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