Some situations require correct settings only. Here's a list of frequently asked questions which can be solved in a minute.


I would like to change the theme like this web ( Is it possible in the Maker?
- You get what you see in the Maker :) We don't do custom modifications. This post could help you out.

My imported language is not completely loaded in the theme.
- Please follow this videotutorial how to install new language pack.

I have 2 column layout and homeslider images are too small.
- This is not a bug of the theme. Upload bigger images into Back office  > modules > Homeslider

How to make my PNG logo transparent?
- Follow this post on your blog.

The images in the homeslider have different heights.
- You have to upload images with the same aspect ratio.
For 3 column layout: let's say 534x350px
For 2 column layout 737x400px.
For 1 column layout 940x450px.

I tried to download the created theme. Just the config.xml is included in the Zip-file, modules and theme are missing.
You're probably running Windows. Unzip the ZIP file with some other program. For example Total Commander or 7zip

After installation, my modules have different positions
During the installation, you should choose option "keep module selection". By this selection, all your modules and their positions will stay the same.

Words in some tables are too big, IE9 doesn't work fine.
- Back office > Advanced Parameters >  Performance > follow the settings below 

Layered navigation block is missing.
- Reinstall the module.

There is a seach bar in the menu - how do I turn if off?
- Back office > modules > Top horizontal menu > uncheck "Search bar"

I don't want to show Cart button and prices
- Back office > Preferences >  Products > Catalog mode - turn off

The colors look differently on various screens. The theme was blue-ish, not brown. What can I do about it?
- This is not a problem of PS Theme Maker, rather the settings of your monitor. There's not no special solution for this. All you can do is to use "safe colors".

Is there a way to use the Theme Maker templates with the default PS mobile settings enabled?
Yes - back office > preferences > themes > check the settings below:

When installing the theme, I get the following: "Select modules which must be disabled for this theme: crossselling, editorial, productscategory, sendtoafriend." Are these modules not compatible?
You don't need to disable any of them - these modules are compatible too.

I have problem with importing the theme into my eshop - the ZIP file seems invalid.
Please try to unzip the ZIP file and then zip the "config.xml, modules, themes" again together. After that try to import the new ZIP file again.

The images of the products are not big enough - the border seems wider.
You did not regenerate the thumbnails for bigger size. Please follow the videotutorial.

How do I change the length of time that the little diagonal "New" ribbon stays across the corner of a product's image on my home page?
Backoffice > Preferences > Products > Number of days for which the product is considered 'new'.

In the back office - the installation runs fine but the theme is not visible anywhere.
Set CHMOD 777 for /themes/ folder.

Cross-selling module is not showing any images.
This is a bug of Prestashop module and requires change to the code outside of the theme.
Go to /modules/crossselling/crossselling.php

You can download the fixed file here. Just don't forget to remove .txt extension, because you need to overwrite PHP file.

LINE 161
$orderProduct['image'] = $this->context->link->getImageLink($orderProduct['link_rewrite'], (int)$orderProduct['product_id'].'-'.(int)$orderProduct['id_image'], ImageType::getFormatedName('medium'));
$orderProduct['image'] = $this->context->link->getImageLink($orderProduct['link_rewrite'], (int)$orderProduct['product_id'].'-'.(int)$orderProduct['id_image'], ImageType::getFormatedName('medium_default'));

LINE 215
$orderProduct['image'] = $this->context->link->getImageLink($orderProduct['link_rewrite'], (int)$orderProduct['product_id'].'-'.(int)$orderProduct['id_image'], ImageType::getFormatedName('medium'));
$orderProduct['image'] = $this->context->link->getImageLink($orderProduct['link_rewrite'], (int)$orderProduct['product_id'].'-'.(int)$orderProduct['id_image'], 'medium_default');

How to show more products per page? (Default is 10)
Go to your back office > Preferences > Products > find "Products per page" and change the value

I'm using right-side-column but the modules have to be hooked into "left hook". How can I fix this?
This is not a bug - it's done this way so you could easily switch the side column without having need of changing all the modules from one hook to another. However, if you need to change the hooks:

then you need to edit Header.tpl
- find all $HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN and change them to $HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN

then open Footer.tpl
- find all $HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN and change them to $HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN

If you did not find the answer you are looking for - contact us ;)