Have you ever thought to put a transparent logo or even upload products images with transparent background? If yes, you have come to the right place. If no, you are still in the right place, because you will simply add this tip to your knowledge ;) so keep on reading…

First of all, log into the admin panel of your Prestashop, then navigate to “Improve” tab:

We hover over “Design” menu link, then click on submenu link “Image Settings”:

Once we are in the main “Image Settings” page, scroll down to “Images generation options” section:

Prestashop gives us a quick information about this section and the difference between using JPG and PNG images:

JPEG images have a small file size and standard quality. PNG images have a larger file size, a higher quality, and support transparency. Note that in all cases the image files will have the .jpg extension.

WARNING: This feature may not be compatible with your theme, or with some of your modules. In particular, PNG mode is not compatible with the Watermark module. If you encounter any issues, turn it off by selecting "Use JPEG".”

So to make our logo and other images transparent, we need to select “Use PNG only if the base image is in PNG format.” option.

If for any reason, the images are not transparent e.g in products page, then you need to modify some CSS files to remove the background from the images, to do so, go to “Advanced Parameters -> Performance” you need to turn off cache, then scroll down into “CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache)” section of the same page and turn off “Smart cache for CSS” option to find out the file which is responsible for the background and replace it by transparent value of background property in the cs file.


Yassine is a senior PHP developer and enjoys writing flexible, well-thought-out, and reusable code. He is a Prestashop expert and consultant and has experience working on other platforms, such as Laravel, WordPress, and Symfony. In his spare time, you can find him reading about programming, hanging out with friends or visiting family.

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